How I designed my latest collection June 18 2015

I thought it would be cool to share with you how I designed my latest collection, to show you some of the background work that goes into creating a new range.
Firstly, sketch, sketch, sketch. I knew I wanted this collection to be focussed around geometric patterns within the natural world so I created line drawings of loads of natural forms - rock formations, landscapes, creatures etc, looking for interesting patterns or forms that I could work with. 
Here are a few of the initial line drawings and sketches that influenced the WINGS collection:
After selecting the sketches to move forward with, I experimented with simplifying these into geometric motifs and patterns that would be the basis for my designs. Here are a few, I won't bore you with all of them!
After selecting the shapes and forms that I felt were working, it's just a case of narrowing it down, and working out the practicalities. Below you can see some of my final designs. I made prototypes of these our of brass and spare gemstones that I had lying around, and the ones that were successful at prototype level made it into the collection.
Here's a guy that didn't quite make it. Though maybe he should have done?
Here are some other prototypes made using brass and some scrap silver I had lying around... 
These two were my first finished prototypes in brass and silver... this is a picture I took just before I set the stones.
And now they are all living, breathing pieces of artwork, ready to be worn by anyone who isn't afraid to spread their wings and reach for the sky :-)
Thanks for taking the time to check this out. Drop me a line and let me know which is your favourite. 
Until next time, 
Anna xxx