Commissions and Bespoke work by Anna March 17 2014

Recently, a customer (who has a passion for rocks,) brought me this little selection of stones, to be made into jewels. Clockwise from the top we have a Rutilated Quartz, a New Zealand Jade, a pair of Charoites, a Lapis Lazuli flecked with gold, and some green tourmalines paired with green sapphires.
I thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on! The Lapis Lazuli is now a statement silver and gold ring with a twisted wire border….
The Chaorites are now a pair of earrings….
The Rutilated Quartz had fallen out of it's silver ring. It has now been repaired, and is back to its old showstopping glory.
If you've got a gemstone that you love, why not email and see what can be done with it?